The lace bralette is a very sexy fashion trend. It was one of the highlights of the New York Fashion Week. And with New York being the one of the centres of urban fashion, any trend is definitely a trend to try. 

The lace bralette is not only sexy and contemporary, it is also very ultra-feminine. It draws attention to your breasts so you better be prepared. 

Here are the four ways of wearing this lace bralette:

1. As a top. If it is a bit too warm or you are feeling bold (fashion is all about boldness and creativity), you can wear this bralette as a top on its own. Remember to wear a vintage shirt, kimono or even a sweater on top of it though. 

2. Under an extra-baggy tee-shirt. Have an oversized tee-shirt with a sagging V-neck? Wear a bralette under it. The lace edges would be visible just above the neckline. It is modest and still very sexy. 


3. Under a transparent blouse. Just like Bella Thorne did for her interview with Ellen. If you have a see-through shirt or tee, wear a bralette underneath it. 

So, are you bold enough to rock this trend? Do not forget to use a choker the same colour of the bralette though. This completes the look. 

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Stay sexy, lovelies.