It is important for you to know that you and your soon-to-be ex used to have good times.  Ending the relationship with respect is the best approach. 
Here are six tips to help you go about it.

1. Breaking up is never easy. It is important to find a private place to break up face-to-face. It is rude to break up through the phone so never try it. You would come off as insensitive and immature. Do it face-to-face and in private. Words can get exchanged and you do not want to get embarrassed. So do your stuff in private. 

2. Be honest, kind and considerate, try not to exchange hurtful words even when the other person is lashing out. Keep your cool. Try to put yourself in his shoes. Would you be happy if your girlfriend who you care for is breaking up with you? So calm down, state your reasons and do so maturely. Both of you should not go bickering at yourselves. Keep your temper in check, cry if you need to and just be honest. 

3. Agree on what you both going to say to friends and family to avoid gossip and embarrassment. Because you respect your boyfriend, settle on an explanation to give others. 

4. Avoid shifting blames. End the blames and move on. No one is ever right. If you did something wrong, admit it. Mistakes are completely normal. Just do not blame him for what was obviously your doing. 

5. Respect his wishes for minimal contacts or no contacts at all. If he wants to stay away from you, understand his reasons and stay away. He needs to move on from you so let him be. 

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6. Make sure you leave the place on good grounds. Try your best to clear the air and reduce the tension. Smile, let him talk and apologise. 

Breaking up is usually very hard on the other person, so breath, make sure your reasons for separating are very good and not flimsy, and be mature about it.


Written by Omoshalewa Raliat Fashola.