Let’s be frank here.

Slayage comes with costs. A lot of clothing items we need to come off looking like Beyonce or Kylie Jenner cost a shitload of money, and we often find ourselves staring at the receipts and wondering exactly how our monthly allowances finished in a just a single shopping trip.

If you’re like me with a very tight budget of say N10,000 or even less to spend on clothes per month, then this article is for you. Here is the ultimate guide you need to slay -and look expensive on a budget.

1. Have the very basics of a capsule wardrobe

This has to be the most obvious and basic tip. A capsule wardrobe contains just the basics and ‘basics’ in the sense that they can go with just about anything. These basics include the classic white tee-shirt, a black plain tee-shirt, black jeans, blue jeans, a denim skirt, a black gown, flat black sandals and white or black tennis shoes/Vans/converse.


A capsule wardrobe is more or less the foundation on which your wardrobe is built. If you get this right, slaying won’t be a problem. And how much are these items anyway? You can find a white tee-shirt for as low as N1000, a pair of jeans for N2000 and flat sandals for N1500.

Like I said, a capsule wardrobe is just the foundation. Which means the clothes are not all that would be in your wardrobe. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Invest in trendy pieces

Now, this is where you have to spend most of your money. You can’t just be wearing a black tee over black jeans every day. You have to touch your outfit up with a little something. This something could be a jeans jacket, a fur coat, a loud flashy belt, a boyfriend jacket, an over-sized sweater, a scarf around the neck, ripped mom jeans, a Chanel bag, heeled suede sandals or something equally fancy.

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The reason why you ‘invest’ in these is that they come quite expensive but last a long time if kept well. You can use a jeans jacket for up to six months or more, depending on the quality of the jeans. A Chanel bag would take you two to three months too. A belt should go way longer as should an over-sized sweater.

When shopping for your trendy pieces, keep in mind that they have to go with just about anything too. So instead of buying a bright yellow bag, get a black/white/soft pink/nude one instead. You don’t want to buy something that won’t go with any other thing you have… which is a mistake a lot of us make that result in us spending way more.

3. Thrift stores are your friends

Leave those flashy clothes stores for when you eventually do have cash. Thrift, baby. Hit those Goodwill/low-budget stores and pack as much as you have enough money for.

7 steps to slaying on a budget

When thrifting, try to check out the trending fashioney stuff first. Use social media (Fashion Week is going on now so you can use some of the looks posted by your favorite fashion bloggers and influencers on social media) to find what is hot and what everyone is wearing. Then raid Yaba (if you live in Lagos here) or any known thrift stores around you and buy what you’ve seen.

4. Slide some heels on

Easy as that. Heels have a way of making an outfit go from 0-100, and the reason you are here is to look ‘100’.

Heels are a great addition to your wardrobe and can come in handy for special events, weddings and yes when you just feel like being extra. Fortunately, there are a variety of heels to choose from. You can wear pumps, some sexy strappy sandals (or even better, the tie-up ones), thigh-high boots, or block-heeled shoes.

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Again, make sure you get them in black or white colour so you can wear them with every outfit you own.

5. Go crazy with textures and fabrics

Boring fabrics are boring, du-uh. Try other sexy textures like faux fur, satin and suede. There is so much amazing fabric out there that would definitely make you slay. You honestly just need to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

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Try leather skirts, jackets and trousers instead of just jeans-jeans-jeans. Suede skirts are nice too. Opt for fur purses and if you can, fur shoes too. Just go crazy with it. And of course, make sure it matches.

6. Accessories, accessories, accessories!

A pair of sunglasses, a pompom keychain, a statement necklace, a casual scarf around the neck… the list goes on and on. The right accessories can glamify your outfit and make it slay-worthy.

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6. Be expensive

You look like a million bucks, so walk like it, talk like it, feel like it. Whether you’re wearing your timeless Grandmother’s blouse or something you picked from one of the numerous bend-down-selects in Lagos, strut it like you own it. You look amazing, so keep saying it to yourself until you believe it. Confidence is key.

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You do not need N100,000 to slay, really. For the most part, it’s all in your head. Just wear what you have and feel good about it. Do not break the bank to meet up with anyone’s standards. Whatever you wear (and looks good on you) should be worn with pride. Eventually, you would have all the money in the world and you’ll be able to afford Balenciaga boots and Victoria Beckham bags.

Till next time, stay beautiful.