It’s back to school, babes! It’s my favourite time of the year -mostly because I get to leave my house and parents, ha-ha. But then again, back-to-school season is packed with fashion coupons, slashed prices and new fashion releases. You would definitely want to stock up nicely for the new semester. I mean, who doesn’t want to slay on campus?

So if you’re looking for something to freshen your university wardrobe with, then keep reading. Here are seven back-to-school must-haves you need to slay on campus;

1. Black Retro Sunglasses

black retro sunglasses

How cool are round-framed sunglasses? While you want some sort of protection from the hot sun over your eyes, you can also use the chance to slide on some vintage sunglasses and strut campus like you own it. You can easily buy a pair of Black Retro Round Sunglasses now at 34% off.

2. Drape Bodysuit Blouse

black bodysuit

Bodysuits are so in right now. Let’s talk about the convenience of not having to struggle with tucking in your top into your high-rise jeans when in a hurry. If you do not own at least two, what exactly are you waiting for? Click this link right now to buy a Black Canill Long Sleeve Drape Bodysuit Blouse that has a smashing 50% discount on it.

3. Black Leather Handbag (With a Charm Accessory)

Fashion Leather Handbag With Charm- Black


Black bags are a campus necessity. It’s black, so it easily goes with anything you may decide to wear. Plus, it gives you the freedom of matching with your shoes. But even you can agree that a basic black bag gets boring. So why not get something really trendy like a Black Leather Handbag With a Charm Accessory? The great thing is, the price is 55% lower.

4. Black Patent Leather Flats

patent leather black shoes

Black flat shoes are perfect for classes. Not only are they very (extremely) comfortable, they are also simple and go with everything you could possibly own. If you are looking to add a fresh pair to your collection or even buy a new one, then check out this smart pair of black patent leather flat shoes with horsewhip detail. There’s a great discount of 26% discount on it too! How cool is that?

5. Casual pink sweatshirt

Fashion Hiaojbk Store Womens Vintage Long Sleeve Tops Casual Ladies Tee Shirt Blouse- Pink

This list cannot be complete without the university uniform which is the ever-so-available sweatshirt. This shirt has a fun twist to it and can be worn literally anywhere. Just slide on some skinny jeans or leggings and your shoes and bam, you’re ready for lectures. This Pink Hiaojbk Sweatshirt Top has a 22% discount on it. So you might want to rush it while stocks last.

6. Black Fitted Peplum Dress

black canill fitted peplum dress

For Mondays, yes, please! Black dresses are an absolute classic and they are timeless. Depending on your style, just wear a statement necklace over it along with some cute drop earrings and a matching handbag. Your outfits can have an impact on the mood for the day. And with Mondays being the slowest and most dreadful day of the week, dressing like a rockstar can actually help make you feel better. And this Black Canill Short Sleeve Fitted Peplum Dress has a discount of 42%.

7. Casual Off Shoulder Print Gown

GAAN Off Shoulder Ladies Gown With Elastic Band

So we are wrapping it up with a very casual laid-back piece that I personally love. It’s an off-shoulder gown with magazine editorial print all over it. Do I still have to point out that this Casual Off Shoulder Print Gown is perfect for taking lectures and going to fun places around school? And it gives off an effortlessly flirty vibe when paired with a cute necklace such as the Twin Cross Silver Chain Pedant (that happens to have a 44% discount on).

Hope this helped. Till next time!