Food is essential but snacks are essential-er.

I mean, who doesn’t like snacks? They’ve been saving lives -and hungry tummies since forever. And when you get into the hostel or dorms, you would realise quickly that snacks would easily become your companion for rainy days, hungry days, PMSing days, heartbreak days and I-don’t-feel-like-cooking days. Even for when you’re trying to complete an assignment, study all-night or watch a movie.

Snacks don’t have to be expensive or overly fancy, except you’re extra like me and love all things unnecessarily extravagant, of course. You would be amazed at the number of delicious snacks you can get for surprisingly cheap. Just make sure your snacks storage is rodent-proof and roommate-proof too. So here are yummy snacks you should really have in your dorm room;

1. Chewing Gum

Pretty obvious, yes? Chewing gum is one of the best ways to make new friends and even talk to that guy you’ve always been so shy to talk to. Just offer them or him a piece and take it from there. The great thing about chewing gum is that it comes in different flavours and colours so you can easily go for the ones you prefer. Xylitol, Orbit and Clorets are examples of the minty ones I love.


Chewing gum can be priced at about N300 or less at any supermarket around you. Just pack a bunch of these and dump in your snacks bin.

2. Granola bars

Granola bars are made with oats and are super-healthy, especially if you have any early classes and do not have time to eat before you dash out. A great brand of granola would be Nature Valley and its prices start from N160. It comes in different flavours like the honey and peanut.


3. Chocolate

You deserve a treat once in a while. So buy yourself a bar or two (or go crazy and buy the entire aisle) of dark chocolate or any chocolate at all and stock up. Just make sure you brush your teeth at the end of the day. I doubt you’ll want to be the girl with the cavities. Chocolates come within a price range of N200-N1500 or higher if you have the money.


4. Nuts

Here, the most popular nuts would be groundnuts, and they are cheap asf. You can get an entire plastic bottle of roasted groundnuts for N500 or less, depending on where you buy them. Just be sure that they are freshly roasted when you buy them so they stay nice and crisp till you finish the bottle.


Sharing groundnuts is also a pretty good way of bonding with your roommates, believe it or not. And groundnuts go very well with Garri, which I believe you’ll be eating a lot, ha-ha.

5. Popcorn

Um, du-uh. Did I even have to mention this? Popcorn is soul food, movie food, bonding food, heartbreak food and rat food too :). But hey, you can never really go wrong with popcorn. It’s delicious, crunchy, and now, comes in a variety. I especially like Caramel popcorn because it’s coated in yummy caramelized sugar.


If you’re trying to eat healthier, go for light popcorn or hunt the shelves for something organic. The prices of popcorn start from N100 and can be bought everywhere.

6. Plantain/Banana chips

Healthy, crunchy, delicious, cheap. Next, please! Plantain chips or banana chips come in different sizes. You can buy the ones that go for a miserly N50 and stock up in bulk or buy those ones that come in big plastic jars with lids that go for N800 or more.


7. Cheeseballs

I think these are more or less equivalent to Cheetos, I’m really not sure. But cheeseballs are great if that’s your thing. And they go for just N50 for the ‘mega-value’ pack. So buy that in bulk and keep in your bin. Just be ready for messy fingers and cheesy crumbs all over your stuff. For this reason, I advise that you avoid eating cheeseballs when you’re reading or doing an assignment. You do not want to get that stuff on your books.


8. Dried fruits and raisins

These are highly nutritious and taste just like regular fruits, just dried up and extra sweet. However, they come more expensive and are less common. But if you can afford it, you should totally go for it. They last a long time and stay fresh. Prices start from N800 or thereabouts.


9. Cookies

Cookies come in a variety. Whatever flavours you love, there are cookies out there for you. Whether it’s vegan, chocolate, coffee, ginger, banana, orange, you would find cookies with those flavours. So pick your bag and purse and go hunting the shelves for what suits you. Cookies go for as cheap as N300 at any supermarket.


10. Pringles

Can I get an Amen, sister? You cannot not love Pringles, it’s a divine crunchy and tasty gift from God. It also comes in a variety of flavours that I’m sure would satisfy whatever tastes you fancy. It has Barbeque if you’re a fan of barbeque sauce, Hot ‘n’ Spicy if you like your potato chips hot and spicy, Sour Cream and Onion if you’re an onion lover, Cheesy Cheese if you live for the cheeses, Salty Vinegar is that’s your thing and so much more deliciousness all pumped into perfectly cooked potato chips.


Pringles come in big containers or little ones if you prefer that, but they stay fresh even after you’ve opened them -as long as you put the lid back on. You can buy a tin of Pringles for N600-N650 at your local supermarket.

Be sure to get a storage big enough for all your snacks and remember to make it foolproof. I hope you all have a lovely return to university.