We get it, you love your man.

You have the freedom to post whatever is it you want to post on social media too, sure. It’s 2019, an era of liberalism. But hey, while what you post really has no direct impact on us, it greatly affects your relationship you have with your partner. Social media has ended a number of relationships, and it would suck if it is the reason behind your breakup too.

You might say “Nah, it’s my social media account, I can post whatever I want to”. While you have a point, you also need to understand that relationships are all about compromise and sacrifice.

So let’s get right into it. Here are 7 bae-related things you should not post on your social media.

1. Pictures of your ex.


I mean, come on! Even if you are friends with him, try to not post pictures of him at all. Except maybe during special occasions like his birthday or you know, his death (welp!). Just try to reverse the situation and see how much you would like it if he regularly posts pictures of his ex on his social media… especially if it’s pictures of Big Boobs Esther or Fat Ass Funmi.

2. The sex stuff or private sexts.


“Sex last night was so great, babe. You took me to cloud nine and back. Xoxo.”

We know you are having great sex with your man. While your intention may be to silence the single haters rotting in their jealousy, your man would most possibly, not appreciate having details of your most intimate encounters put up for public viewing. So make sure you check with him first.

3. Your fights, disagreements and issues.


“This is me sitting and wondering when your text would come in. I wonder if you still remember I exist. Have fun with whoever it is you’re cheating on me with.”

Your relationship is your business, including your spats and squabbles. Sort whatever it is out with your partner instead of coming online to talk about with an audience that do not even know that well. When you talk about your problems, people naturally tend to give their opinion on what the best solution is. And once people start adding their two cents, it would definitely cause even more problems for your relationship.

4. Personal information about your partner.

social media and relationships.jpg 3

“My boyfriend lives in this black house in Lekki and drives a Benz. He doesn’t even need to stress, his mom visits him and takes care of everything.”

Nah. just don’t. Think about it. If he wanted people to know, he’ll post it himself.

5. Screenshots of your conversation for clout.


“See what this one is telling me, lol. He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.”

I see this a lot on Twitter these days. Two people in a relationship have a breakup over texts and one of them posts the breakup conversation, searching for some kind of validation. Usually, whoever posts it was downright heartless and wants people to know how savage he/she can be.

This is wrong.

It is disrespectful and plain stupid.

Everyone is seeking for likes and more followers. Do not be that person that drags her partner on social media for clout.

6. Pictures your partner won’t want you posting.


It is honestly just as simple as that.

Maybe your man was taking a shower and you happen to stroll into the bathroom, undetected and take a picture of his hot bod dripping with water. You want to show the world how hot your boyfriend is, okay. But some pictures are just meant for your phone and not for other people’s viewing. These pictures also include inappropriate photos in bed.

Ask him first before posting such pictures. Ask him first if you’re not sure. Except it’s something really goofy and would clearly come off as a joke, ask him before posting any picture of him at all.

7. Posts about an upcoming vacation (bae-cation)


“See you in Ogun State this weekend! I and bae are staying overnight at High Impact Resort! #baecation #couplegoals”

Need I remind you that this is Nigeria? Posting information like the example above makes you very prone to attacks by ill-wishing people (and your village people too). If you must post about it at all, do it when you’ve returned and are posting pictures from the trip.

Social media is a jungle. It can kill your relationship faster than you know it, so be cautious. It is often best to sit your man down and have a talk with him about what is acceptable and what is not. I can not emphasize the importance of communication in relationships enough.